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  1. Scam scam scam scam No one answers the phone the only time they text you is when they want your money no tracking number nothing scam scam scam don’t waste your time not worth it not a response
    • I’m writing another review so that other individuals don’t get scammed from other companies that are linked to this company He’s also a scam I do believe they are linked from the research and the phone calls I have made I’m almost 100% positive besides they have no reviews whatsoever and you can’t really count on scam detector because it gives them sort of a high percentage of legitimacy and it’s not true at all let me tell you after they took my money I wasn’t turning around and I’m not now be very careful on your purchases definitely do not fall into their trap when they push push

  2. Scam 5 days no tracking number no call backs no package no reviews there reviews link to another sites reviews they have no good reviews 0 stars scam
  3. Fraud zero stars Well they keep telling me my package is on the way asking me for more money I’m so tired of their lies scam and cheat but I’m not giving up can’t get a refund can’t get my products pathetic don’t get ripped off

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