Many people are looking for reviews of the online store Eurobestmeds (, as they do not trust such sites. If you were deceived on the site, and you want to warn other consumers about the dishonesty of the Eurobestmeds company, write a review, share your opinion.

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  1. Scammers Unfortunately eurobestmeds are scammers. The scam works like this: 1) order and pay for meds. 2) ask why meds haven't arrived 3) get told there site was hacked and money has vanished 4) offer discount on next order 5) pay discount for meds 6) no meds
  2. Not trustworthy, buy elsewhere Made order. Sent Bitcoin to the exact wallet I was told to. Successfully sent, shown them screenshot. They say there’s a problem at their end and can’t send my order. I know it’s a risk but this is the first time I have used this site and never had issues ordering from other sites before. Better the devil you know. Not worth the risk

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